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Do you find wearing a sanitary pad discomforting? Does the wet feeling down there irritate you? Worry not, we have the solution to all these problems — Tampons.

When it comes to feminine hygiene, a tampon is something that the majority of women swear by! It is a hygienic and safe menstrual remedy. If you are looking to buy tampons online, we will help you make the best choice.

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What are Tampons?

Tampons are small cylindrical plugs made of cotton that are designed to be placed inside the vaginal canal. Once you insert it, it soaks up all the menstrual blood. They are safe, convenient, and one of the popular ways to handle menstruation flow.

Why Use Tampons?

Maintaining adequate intimate hygiene is something that cannot be compromised, especially during periods. So, here are a few reasons how tampons can help achieve that:

  • They are small in size, which makes them discreet and easy to carry.

  • You can enjoy your pool time and swim without fretting in them without creating a mess.

  • If inserted correctly, you can barely feel them inside.

  • There is no blood coming out and hence no wet feeling all day long. It saves you from a lot of discomfort.

  • Since they are compact, it is easier to dispose of them.

  • They are not visible, unlike pad lines. So, you can wear any dress or clothing without having to worry about anything.

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    Because they are inside the vaginal canal, there is no odor.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tampon

Here are some tips to help you choose the right tampon.

  • Size – Ladies, tampon size has everything to do about their absorbency level. Most brands offer them in 4 different sizes: light, regular, super, and super plus. Bigger tampons are designed for heavier menstruation flow, while smaller ones are suitable for lighter menses.

  • Especially if you are a first-time user, things can be intimidating. So consider getting applicator for tampons; these are specifically designed to guide you through the entire process. They come with cylindrical cardboard or plastic tubes and a plunger, making it effortless to insert your tampon. Cardboard applicators are more environmentally friendly but tend to be harder to insert than their counterparts. Once you place the product well, you must pull out the applicator.

  • Non-Applicator or digital tampons are much shorter. Since they don’t have an applicator, you have to insert them by pushing with your fingers.

What are the Best Tampons in India?

Best tampons in India come from global and reputed brands like Sofy, Sirona, PeeSafe, Bella, FLOH, Yoni, Everteen, Tampax, Carmesi, Sanfe, and more. However, the tampon price largely depends on their quality — whether they are made of just cotton or have plastic and their absorbing capacity, size, and more.

  • Sirona and FLOH are some FDA-approved brands that offer tampons for heavy flow days. Sirona also offers disposable bags with some of its products.

  • Brands like Sanfe and Yoni make 100% organic cotton digital tampons that have a premium design. They have a low environmental impact and are highly absorbent.

  • If you are looking for a completely biodegradable product free from bleach, dyes, and other harmful chemicals, PeeSafe and Carmesi have the best options.

  • Brands like Everteen offer the best ones with applicators. If you are looking for a non-applicator, try Sirona digital tampons — made with highly absorbent fibers.

How To Use a Tampon?

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    Before inserting them, wash your hands and the vaginal area to make sure they are clean.

  • Sit on a western toilet seat or in a squatting position with legs spread open.

  • Gently push the tampon inside your vagina with one hand.

  • Leave the string hanging out to pull it out when it’s time to change.


  1. Are Tampons better than Pads?

They have many benefits — invisible, compact, leak-proof, and swim-proof — making them an excellent alternative to pads.

  1. Are Tampons safe to use?

They are safe to use if used properly. If not, it can cause a fatal illness called Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). So, you should always follow all the instructions carefully.

  1. Can you sleep while wearing a Tampon?

Yes, it is safe to sleep wearing it, but not for more than 7-8 hours. If you leave it inside for a longer time, it can cause bacterial or yeast infection.

  1. Can you flush a Tampon?

No, you cannot flush them as they can cause blockages in sewage lines. Dispose of them like pads wrapped in a disposable bag or tissue.

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